• RFID Reader Software for Windows

    This is an application I created in Visual BASIC 2005 Express which allows a Parallax RFID Card Reader connected to a PC to read and display tag data.

    This application has a small form which allows you to select and open the COM Port for the RFID Card Reader and enable or disable reading as necessary.
    By default the RFID Card Reader is enabled when the COM Port is opened. Optionally you can trigger a System Beep during each read. The RFID Card Reader is disabled for 1.5 seconds after a read. This delay is provided to avoid duplicate reads. The RFID Card Reader is then re-enabled. Once tags are read into the Text Box they can be copied into a database or other application, speeding tag entry.

    Figure 1 shows what the application looks like when it is first run. Your COM Port values may vary.

    Figure 2 shows what the screen looks like after a COM Port has been opened.

    Figure 3 is after reading 4 tags from the RFID Card Reader Sampler Kit. Your tag numbers will be different.

    Known Issues

    • The software currently only checks registered COM ports on startup. So if you add a port after the application is running it will not appear in the list. This could be fixed by refreshing the port list during some other event, such as closing a port.
    • If you click the Close Port button during a read the application will lock up. This could be solved by disabling the Close Port button during the read cycle.

    Visual BASIC Express
    For those that are interested in modifying or enhancing the application, Visual BASIC Express 2008 can be downloaded free from the Microsoft website at http://www.microsoft.com/express/vb/

    There are two files available for download. The first ZIP file is the VB Express 2005 Source Code. The second ZIP file is the VB Express 2005 setup package for installing the RFID Software onto your PC. This usually requires you to have all updates of the .NET framework installed on your PC. Using this project/source with newer versions of Visual BASIC may require you to upgrade the project, which should be done for you.

    If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. please comment below. Take care!

    PERMALINK: http://www.savagecircuits.com/rfidsoftware
    Creative Commons License
    RFID Reader Software for Windows by Chris Savage - Savage///Circuits is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
    Based on a work at www.savagecircuits.com.