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    Re: Messageboard


    But i have a problem with a method.
    I have a working one (BoardFlipper) and wan't to rewrite it (compacter) but the one i have

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    Re: Weekend Ramblings...

    Lol no the box is in the house n the van have to be mobile first thing been sitting since 94... My grandfather got alzhimers n quit doing things n he

    jknightandkarr Yesterday, 11:04 PM Go to last post

    Re: Weekend Ramblings...

    I was running 12.04 server with only a CLI and upgraded to 14.04 CLI and then added the desktop. That was the long way and on top of that I only did

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    Roger Lee

    Re: Weekend Ramblings...

    Makes you feel good, doesn't it. (at least I was happy when I got mine working)

    Did you replace 12.04 with 14.04?
    If you did, how

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    Re: Weekend Ramblings...

    Just finished updating Ubuntu to 14.04 on that old HP out in the garage. Loaded SimpleIDE and test a test compile of the program I listed above. Had

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    Chris Savage

    Re: I'm really begining to HATE this year!

    I fail...in my hurry to get out the door to work (In Rocklin office today) I forgot a whole bunch of stuff including your HDD. I am coming in Monday so

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