5.6″ TFT LCD Panel


I have this one intelligent LCD monitor with touch screen that I purchased some time ago and forgot about and never used. I powered it up and tested it with the included power adapter. See the product photo. See the description below for the complete product details as I found in a datasheet/manual online.

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The ezLCD-004 is an all-in-one advanced color TFT LCD panel which includes:

  • 320×234 pixel, 65536 color, 5.6″ TFT LCD
  • LCD controller (Solomon SSD1906)
  • Embedded 32bit ARM processor (Atmel AT91SAM7A3)
  • 1 Mega Byte embedded serial flash for storing frequently used bitmaps
  • Power supply, which generates all the voltages needed by the logic and the display itself
  • Touch screen
  • Interface drivers and other circuitry

The ezLCD-004 communicates with the outside world through several interfaces:

  • RS232 TTL
  • USB
  • I2C (not implemented in firmware yet)
  • SPI
  • SD/MMC

The ezLCD-004 is driven by a set of commands, which can be fed through any of the implemented interfaces. The device may be used as an “intelligent” display, or as a stand alone device. There is enough of flash memory left in AT91SAM7A3 to incorporate additional graphical instructions, or to customize the software for particular tasks. Possible applications include automotive, avionics, nautical, industrial control, hobby, etc.

Manual: https://engineering.purdue.edu/ece477/Archive/2008/Spring/S08-Grp03/nb/datasheets/ezLCD004_Manual_32.pdf



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