7.2V Motor, Bracket and Wheel Kit


These are leftovers from building the Manta Ray prototypes. New in the box. See description below for complete product details.

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This kit features lightweight and sturdy aluminum brackets which are specifically designed to make mounting the included 7.2 Volt DC motors a breeze. Each bracket is machined in-house at Parallax headquarters in Rocklin, CA. The brackets are machined from 6063 aluminum extrusion and anodized black for improved scratch resistance aesthetic appeal.

High quality 7.2 Volt DC motors feature durable construction and 100% all-metal gears that stand up boldly to rough terrain and abuse. The motors’ top speed of ~310 RPM equates to a speed of approximately 6.6 feet/second (2.0 m/s) which is perfect for most medium- to small- size robotic projects. The included machined aluminum hubs solidly engage the 4 7/8 inch (12.4 cm) diameter wheels. The tread is molded directly onto the wheel and offers excellent traction on most common surfaces. Giving your robot mobility has never been easier!


  • Powerful 7.2 VDC brushed motors
  • Motors use 100% all-metal gears
  • Machined 6063 aluminum brackets anodized black for improved scratch & corrosion resistance
  • Four convenient mounting holes for #8-size screws
  • Durable 4 7/8 inch (12.4 cm) diameter wheels with high-traction tread
  • Strong but light-weight construction
  • Designed with the same mounting height as the Caster Wheel Kit (#28971, sold separately)
  • Works well with the HB-25 (#29144) motor controllers


  • Motor ratings (at 7.2 VDC):
  • No-load current: 0.27 A @ 310 RPM
  • Stall current: 4.8 A
  • Max torque: 4.6 lb-in (5.3 kg-cm)


  • Wheels: 4 7/8 inch (12.4 cm) diameter x 0.8 inch (2.03 cm) wide
  • Mounting height: 3.86 inch (9.8 cm) from ground to mounting surface
  • Minimum clearance: 1.9 inch (4.8 cm) from ground to lowest point on motor
  • Weight: 0.68 lbs. (1.45 kg) per wheel assembly (kit contains 2)
  • Wheel tread: Thermoplastic rubber with a durometer rating of 50 Shore A



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