912 MHz RF Transceiver (Set of 2)


Because these were discontinued long enough ago, there is limited information available. I do have 2 sets available. Limited information available in the description below, but you could also check the Parallax forums. These used to sell for $59.99 each. Sold here as a set for $50.00 for a good cause.

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These 912 MHz RF Transceivers provide an easy way to transfer data between two Parallax Microcontrollers such as the BASIC Stamp 2, SX or Propeller Chip serially at 9600 baud. These RF Transceivers have excellent range, employ 16-bit CRC Error Checking and have a FIFO Buffer. Each module can send and receive serial data and 2 modules are required for communication.

More Information: https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/parallax-inc/27985/27985-ND/1774531


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