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I only ever built this one Arlo Complete and never got to do anything with it. It sits collecting dust, but could be yours for less than half of what they cost new, shipped and already assembled!

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The Arlo Complete Robot System is a great choice when you need to build a land-based robot platform that can support complex guided or autonomous missions.  No need to cobble together random parts—all of the mechanical and electronic components are included, as well as interconnecting wires, hardware, and even the 12 V batteries and charger. Although this kit is designed to use with the controller of your choice, we’ve added a free sample Propeller Activity Board WX and programming cable to make it truly complete.

Do you already have a small Parallax robot that aspires to greater things? Take the control board off of your Propeller ActivityBot (#32500), your BASIC Stamp Boe-Bot (#28832), or your Shield-Bot with Arduino Uno (#32335), and mount it on the Arlo platform to make its dreams come true. Arlo Tutorials support all three options to help you get started, using familiar programming.


  • Thick and sturdy HDPE top and bottom plates can be sawn or machined for easy customization
  • Precision-machined aluminum motor mounts and wheels provide smooth, reliable operation
  • 12 V motors, inflatable tires and wheel encoders provide fast yet precise travel indoors our outside on paved surfaces
  • DHB-10 motor controller handles encoder input and accepts PWM and serial commands
  • Power Distribution Board with multiple voltage output options support your custom add-ons
  • Four Ping))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensors detect objects from every side

Note: This kit comes with everything from the original kit, which at the time did not include the multimeter shown on the Parallax site now.


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