BS2P24/40 Demo Board


The BS2p24/40 Demo Board is a collector's item. In very good condition and even signed (so to speak) by Chris Savage. This was from my bench collection which I must, sadly, part with. I wrote “DO NOT USE” to prevent it from walking off my desk at work.

Please see the description below for complete product details. This board comes complete with a BS2P40 Module!

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The BS2p24/40 Demo Board is a valuable learning tool and time-saving prototyping aid for the Parallax BS2p24 and BS2p40 modules. The Demo Boards provide very useful connections to Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire, Philips I2C communications components, standard parallel LCDs (with Hitachi HD44780 or compatible chipset) as well as a breadboard prototype space. This Demo Board will work with any 24-pin BS2-series BASIC Stamp module as well as the BS2p40. A 7.5 V 1 amp power supply is recommended for this board.

This board comes complete with a BS2P40 Module!


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