EB500 Bluetooth Modules (Set of 2)


I found one set of these classic Bluetooth Adapters originally designed for the BASIC Stamp 2 and having an AppMod header to connect to any development board with the appropriate socket. Not tested, but should be working. See description below for complete details.

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The EB500-SER is an add-on component to the Parallax BS2, BS2e, BS2sx, BS2p, BS2pe, and Javelin Stamp microcontroller modules; enabling wireless communications with other Bluetooth devices including cellular phones, handheld computers, PCs, and other serial port adapters. Hobbyists, developers, and OEMs can take advantage of advanced wireless connectivity with this easy to use module.

The EB500-SER module provides a point to point connection much like a standard serial cable. Connections are made dynamically and can be established between two eb500-SER modules or an EB500-SER module and a standard Bluetooth v1.1 or v1.2 device. Devices can be dynamically discovered and connected in an ad-hoc manner.

More Info: https://www.parallax.com/sites/default/files/downloads/30068-EB500-User-Manual.pdf


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