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I have just the one Guest Badge, already tested and loaded with my name. You can, of course, reprogram it. See description below for complete product details.

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A Hackable Electronic Badge for every guest!  Energize your events by using these Badges to store and distribute schedules, identify participants, share contact info, and play interactive games. In school settings, Badges encourage hands-on activities, creativity, and collaboration while studying electronics and programming.

Hack your Badge! Use our open-source programming tools and example code in C, Spin, and Propeller Assembly to try out a variety of example programs that use all of the Badge’s features, and let your Badge share data with other Badges. Be sure to check out the Downloads and Additional Resources tabs below.

Badges are available in three varieties: Guest (blue), Staff (white), and Speaker (black). A USB A to Micro B cable is needed for programming and charging, not included!


  • Propeller 8-core microcontroller, 64 KB EEPROM and 5 MHz crystal oscillator
  • 128 x 64 OLED display
  • 3-axis accelerometer (±1.5 g) for orientation and motion detection
  • Two-way infrared communication
  • Two super-bright, tri-color RGB LEDs
  • Six passive touch-buttons with status LEDs, plus 1 special OSHW logo touch-button
  • Stereo audio and composite video out
  • USB port for programming and charging
  • Convenient on/off push switch
  • 3.6 V Li-ion battery included (#752-00011)
  • On-board battery charger, management , and charging disable functions
  • Two mini prototyping areas, with access to I2C, 11 I/O’s, 3.3V, 5V-USB and battery voltage
  • Replaceable and user-customizable display covers
  • Six mounting points plus lanyard slots; lanyard included (though styles may vary!)

Note: Lithium batteries are shipped via UPS only.


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