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Before there was a Stingray robot, I experimented with other mid-size robots. I purchased two of these robots from Lynxmotion. The robot has 4 wheels with rubber tires and each is driven by a separate motor, giving a powerful platform. I ended up combining the robots into one and therefore have almost an entire robot worth of extra parts. This is part of a development lot I am selling together. Here is what it comes with…

The main robot has a Super Carrier Board with a BS2p24 Module on it. There is a Sharp IR sensor in the front and two (2) PING))) Sensors on mounting brackets on top. There is also a 2×16 Serial LCD and a GPS Module. The system is powered by two (2) NiMH Batteries. One for the motors and one for the controller and sensors.

There are extra robot parts, wheels, hubs, motors and batteries. The extra batteries are higher capacity 3000 mAh NiMH and there’s even a NiCad/NiMH charger (Tower Hobbies) included in this lot, since it was part of the original development system. The robots were originally $200/each by themselves. No longer available, they’re collector’s items now and you’re getting the charger and batteries as well as the extra accessories mounted to the robot.

NOTE: I have not touched this kit since 2007! It has been sitting on a shelf since then. So I can’t guarantee the batteries even hold a charge or work. They should, but without having tried them recently they come as-is.



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