P8X32A Propeller QuickStart (Rev. A)


I have a four of these boards. (3) Rev. A. (1) Rev. B. All boards are fully tested and working. Great price on these!

First two customers to buy one get a FREE QuickStart Proto Board (PCB, no hardware). The third customer gets a free QuickStart Pin Finder. If you buy all three you get all three free items.

See description below for complete product details.

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The P8X32A QuickStart is a simple and accessible development platform for the P8X32A Propeller microcontroller.

The QuickStart is an evaluation board for the Propeller. As an open-source reference design the QuickStart board provides basic Propeller circuitry. Developers may use our PCB layout files as their own to speed their project towards completion. As a project board the QuickStart is fully expandable and provides unimpeded access to all I/O pins through an expansion header but includes some button inputs and LEDs to demonstrate programming. With USB power and a selection of QuickStart Project examples it’s also the fastest way to get up and running.

Key Features:

  • Propeller P8X32A microcontroller
  • Expansion header provides access to Vss, Vdd, 32 I/O pins
  • 5 MHz crystal on board may be disabled by removing SMT jumper, allowing replacement with external through-hole crystal
  • Eight resistive touch buttons
  • Eight buffered LEDs

Application Ideas:

  • Reference design
  • Development platform
  • Embedded processor board