Scribbler Robot w/Pen Lifter (S1)


The original Scribbler Robot. Now a collector's item. This robot was the original unit used for the Pen Lifter modification I posted in Savage///Circuits TV Episode 9. I have just this one unit which hasn't been operated since the video. See description below for complete product details.

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  • Fully programmable, with multiple sensor systems that let it interact with people and objects.
  • Arrives pre-programmed with 8 demo modes including light seeking, object detection, object avoidance, line following and more.
  • Write your own program in two formats: graphically GUI software or as PBasic text with Basic Stamp Editor.
  • Parallax Scribbler Robot┬áPrograms can interface with these Scribbler components: 3 photoresistor light sensors, 2 infrared object sensors, 2 infrared line detection sensors, 2 independent DC motors, stall sensor, speaker with full range of notes, 3 LED indicator lights.
  • Comes fully assembled with a built-in Basic Stamp┬« with 2 microcontroller brains, programming cable (serial), start-up guide and software on CD-ROM.

Requires 6 AA alkaline, standard or NiMH batteries, (not included).


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