BASIC Stamp Module Tester

This easy to build and use tester will allow you to test your BASIC Stamp Modules (any model) for bad I/O pins, RAM and other issues that may cause problems in your projects. This tester only works on BASIC Stamp microcontrollers that can still communicate with the PC and cannot test modules that are completely dead (bricked). Read More

Budget Robotics (Base on a Budget)

Sometimes building your own robot is easier said than done. It can be easy to visualize what we want but then to actually build it can be more difficult or in some cases seemingly impossible. Other times it is more a matter of not having a budget for the entire robot. Spare parts can be found in a number of places and different people have different interests in specific microcontrollers so I won’t focus on that in this article. Instead the focus here will be on getting a usable robot platform built on a minimal budget. Read More

Solder Pot Controller

In 2006 to be RoHS compliant Parallax Inc moved toward making all products lead-free including the BASIC Stamp Modules which they manufacture in-house. This required a new Lead-Free Solder Pot to dip the modules in. The new solder pot did not come with a temperature control. Instead I created a custom solder pot controller which keeps the temperature at a specified set point. Read More

Binary / Digital Clock

This project is a unique timepiece combining a normal digital clock with a binary representation, allowing you to see time in both formats. This is especially useful to those who can’t quite decipher the binary time. As a bonus an LCD displays the day, date and temperature. Read More

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