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A collection of applications I wrote in both QuickBASIC 4.5 and PDS 7.0 that ran on a DOS PC with CGA/EGA/VGA graphics. These applications are very old and do not run on modern 64-bit architecture. You made need to use a special emulator to run them, unless you have an old DOS-based PC. You can click the title of each application to download it as a ZIP archive.

Area Code V2.0 – Newest version of DOS utility for finding area codes fast. Newest area codes as well as ability to search by City & State have been added. [ZIP]

Calendar V1.3 – This program will print a 1 month calendar on your screen using the computer’s internal clock as a reference. [ZIP]

Crossword Helper V1.0 – This command-line program will do a pattern-search on a dictionary file to find words that match letters you know from a word. [ZIP]

Music Base II – Music Database for storing your record/tape collection. [ZIP]

Scramble Solver V2.0 – Solve those tough scramble/jumble puzzles easily with this powerful program. [ZIP]

State V1.0 – Simple DOS utility to find the abbreviation or state name given one of the other. [ZIP]

XOR V2.1 – A simple, but powerful program for encrypting any data. [ZIP]

WKBBS – A powerful BBS system with message boards and special variable access system which can be used in any text file.

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